Mission Statement

Stadlbauer Group

Our brand-name goods have a high gaming value, and give enjoyment and entertainment to our target groups. 

Our customers have confidence in the quality of our products and services. 

We encourage innovation and an open mind for new ideas to enable us to consider the impact of decisions in the medium and long term.  Decisions are made quickly and unbureaucratically. 

We are a traditional family-owned business with a long history that makes sure it operates profitably. We cultivate our reputable image and we are independent.

Our company is an attractive employer. We are aware of our social responsibility and make a beneficial economic contribution to the region. Our success is secured by employing well-qualified and highly motivated staff. Teamwork is built on the foundations of mutual respect and appreciation.

We cultivate openness and fairness in our dealings with business partners and authorities. Our word is our bond.