Schildkröt - Made with Love

Schildkröt dolls and cuddly animal toys play a very special role in the lives of children. They have now been making children happy from ‘day one’ for several generations. Schildkröt’s lovingly developed started by 2017 additions to a unique product line go by the names of Emilia and Luis. They are trendy, stylish and timeless, while incorporating the devotion, high quality standards and attention to detail that make the world’s oldest doll manufacturers so distinguished.

Emilia, Luis and their young siblings reflect the everyday world as experienced by today’s families – the fashions and lifestyles, furnishing, equipment and looks – and also reflect the colour trends of the age. The variety, individualism and fascinating aura they offer are greater than ever before. There are lovingly dressed and equipped dolls, and functional dolls featuring hearts of colourful lights and the sounds heartbeats, kisses and giggles, typical baby babbling and gentle melodies that never fail to fascinate. There are extraordinary bath time dolls, unique drinking and wetting babies, plus cute babies and cuddly stuffed animal toys for even the youngest doll fans. The unique range of accessories includes detailed fashion sets - from ankle socks to complete outfits, plus accessories such as dummies, rattles, bottles and crockery, doll furniture such as highchairs and cots as well as pushchairs and prams to thrill doll mums and collectors alike.

We welcome you to the wonderful world of Schildkröt!


Facts & Figures

  • Founded in 1896. The first historical toy brand to introduce lifestyle aspects.

  • Schildkröt stands for tradition and trends, quality and modern design with an emphasis on intergenerational playing enjoyment.

  • Unique and unmistakeable with its sweet face and cute, sleep eyes.

  • The whole world of Schildkröt – including toy and fashion dolls, cuddly animals and lots of special accessories