Pipi-Max - A new Beagle for junior dog lovers

Stadlbauer is continuing its million-selling Pipi-Max success story featuring a new, cheeky beagle.

Just like its predecessor the new Pipi-Max beagle looks really cute and this unique bundle of fun will very quickly win the hearts of young dog lovers from the ages of 3 years and upwards. Pipi-Max is the only cuddly toy dog in the world that can drink, walk, bark and pee – based on innovative technology patented by Stadlbauer. Children learn lots about taking on responsibility in a playful context.


Facts & Figures

  • The most successful mechanical dog on the German-speaking market

  • Drink-and-pee idea internationally patented

  • Playful way to learn about responsibility

  • Comprehensive set includes bib, neckerchief and dog lead