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Made for champions! Ever since 1963 Carrera has stood for emotion, passion and spectacular action, for exciting races and thrilling head-to-heads between fathers, sons and grandfathers – for the pure love of velocity! 

The decisive success factors contributing to Carrera’s world market leadership in the slot car racetrack segment are the use of the latest technologies, the faithfully detailed reproduction of cars made true to the originals, and strong connections with the world’s most popular race series. 

Exclusive reproduction and distribution licenses in the slot car segment include brands such as Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull, as well as licenses for the world’s most popular gaming and big-screen stars like Disney and Pixar’s Cars, Disney’s Mickey Mouse, Nintendo Mario Kart TM and Supermario TM, Star Wars. Carrera thrills enthusiasts of all ages.

Carrera Pure Speed & Pure Emotion


Facts & Figures

  • EVOLUTION: Analogue racetrack system (1:24-scale tracks + 1:32-scale cars) – up to 8 lanes.

  • GO!!!/DIGITAL 143: Analogue and digital racing thrills, all-action accessories and hand-held controls with a turbo button.

  • GO!!! Plus: Pit stop game, Bluetooth app connection and game accompaniment.

  • FIRST: Battery-driven racetrack for children of 3 years and upwards.

Technical Background

  • Premium quality with detailed, faithfully reproduced racing cars.

  • Exclusive automobile licenses and popular racing themes.

  • DIGITAL cars: Individually codable with light functions and interesting racing and licensed themes.

  • DIGITAL 124: The 1:24-scale is unique throughout the world – the system allows up to 4 drivers at the same time and broad range of expansion options.

  • Digital 124/132: Cars with front and rear/brake light functions, ghost and safety car functions, lane-changing and overtaking, wireless handset and race app.

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