Marketing & Sales

Secrets of our Success

One key element in our success is the continuous hand-in-hand working dialogue between sales and marketing. 

This dialogue produces valuable synergies. Stadlbauer masters the entire repertoire of marketing tools, from new media and target-group tailored events, to a whole range of conventional advertising methods. In this field B2B communication is every bit as important as consumer advertising. Once again, the power of an idea is the key to success – as are the courage to solve problems creatively and to employ strategic innovation.

In the field of distribution we see ourselves as partners for the retail sector. As a consequence, we develop a tailor-made sales concept for each individual market. We show equal commitment to every one of our trading partners.  One example of our close customer orientation is provided by our multilingual customer service team ensures callersfrom many countries always hear a voice in their own respective languages.